January 2, 2017


Clean and Green Living

Currently urban centres occupy less than 5% of the world’s landmass but account for around 70% of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. The pace of urbanization is rapidly increasing, and new ways of building and planning are required. We’re starting small with a village to test out new ways of doing things and providing better lives for citizens.

Technology Testing Ground

There are already so many fantastic open technologies out there that make the world a better place. We want to help designers and makers test in real-world conditions and scale their projects from one or two to something that works on a village-wide scale.

Inspirational Destination

Open eco-friendly technologies sound great in principle, but it’s only when you go somewhere and see them in action that it really drives home what a difference they can make. Our village is that place.

Opportunities for All

Locking away our technology goes against making the world a better place. We want to get our tools into the hands of the people, so we use Creative Commons and open source licenses. That means all of our technologies and tools are free for you to use, share, translate and remix (and sometimes use commercially.)